Easter at City Hope Mission

When you’re a young mission plant, sometimes you have to think “outside the box”…or in our case “inside the pool.” We held our Easter Baptism Celebration at the home of a friend who allowed us to use his indoor pool for our immersions. We had two adults who were immersed in new life in the Kingdom, and it was a true joyous celebration! I was blessed to share the pool with Pastor Ramazan Arkan from Antalya Evangelical Church in Turkey (www.antalyaevangelicalchurch.com) who assisted with the baptisms…including the baptism of his nephew [shown at left]. We also worshiped and celebrated the most real reality that Christ is risen. Alleluia! We ended with a poolside communion followed by a raucous rendition of Keith Green’s “Easter Song,” which declares with boldness “Joy to the world!  He is risen! Alleluia!”   St. George's at Easter St. George's at Easter

Easter Sunday in the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes

“Welcome, happy morning!” age to age shall say,
Hell to-day is vanquished, heaven is won to-day!
Lo! the dead is living, God, forevermore!
Him, their true Creator, all His works adore!
“Welcome, happy morning!” age to age shall say.

Easter Letter from Bishop Roger Ames

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

On the first day of the week, Mary of Magdala came to the tomb. (John 20:1)

My dear sisters and brothers,  it’s Easter Sunday. Today, we celebrate the fact that more than two thousand years ago, Jesus’ resurrection changed everything. Sin was defeated. Satan was vanquished. Death was swallowed up by life. But Easter Sunday is not just history. It’s a present reality that is still changing everything!

Today, an age of grace is proclaimed. Jesus reigns victorious from the highest heavens. He commissions us to spend our lives ushering the graces of heaven down to earth, to our families, neighbors, friends, and even to strangers and enemies. And in this commission he calls you not his servant but his friend.

Today, a river of life flows. Jesus has become a life-giving spirit, pouring out the Holy Spirit onto the whole world. From this spring of resurrection power, a mighty river is cascading. It’s the millions upon millions of lives who have experienced the power of God in conversion. Your life has been swept up, too.

How can we even begin to honor God for what he has done for us today? We can start by following the footsteps of the disciples in today’s Gospel. So, like Mary Magdalene, seek out his presence as your first priority. Then, keep running to him throughout the day in prayer—just as Peter and John sprinted to the tomb. Go ahead. Peer into his empty grave, as they did, and see that Jesus isn’t dead. He’s alive! See for yourself that he has been moving in your life all these years, making you a new creation.

Imagine heaven’s celebration today. See Jesus enthroned there, surrounded by the praise of the saints and angels. Now see him enthroned in your heart. Reflect on all that today—Easter Sunday—has meant for you.

And believe.

“Lord Jesus, you are alive! Thank you for the power of your Resurrection that courses through us. Help us to share this Good News with all that we meet.  May the we continue to reach out to the lost and forgotten with this saving message. We ask this in the power of the Spirit. Let the Church say: Amen.”

I remain yours in the power of the risen Christ,

Peace and All Good,


Bishop, Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes