Calling Choir Members of the Diocese

Consecration Choir

Dear Choristers,

As you are aware, the consecration service for our new bishop will take place on Thursday, April 28th, at St. Bernard’s Church in Akron, Ohio.

In preparation for this, a choir is being formed to assist in the service. I will be the director of the choir.

We will be learning two choral numbers to be sung at the service, as well as supporting the congregational singing of hymns and the service music.

Attached you will find the service music and hymns chosen for the service. It is the desire of our bishop-elect, myself, and others involved in planning the service, that the music reflect a variety of genres. The choir will be singing a couple of gospel-inspired selections.

I am encouraging each church to try to have at least one member involved in the choir, so it can be truly reflective of our total diocese. The ability to read music is not necessary, HOWEVER the ability to sing in tune is. SMILE!!!

Rehearsals will take place on Saturday, April 23rd at 7:00pm Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00 pm . The venue for both rehearsals will be at St. Luke’s Ministry Center, located at 3810 Ridgewood Rd, Copley, Ohio. The venue is directly across the street from Copley High School.

Rehearsals will last approximately 90 minutes. It is understood that some members may not be able to make both rehearsals. That is fine. A final rehearsal will take place at St. Bernard’s prior to the service, at a time to be announced at a later date.

The uniform will be black and white, preferably white blouses and black pants/skirts for the ladies, and white shirts, a tie, and black slacks for the men. While this combination is preferred, please do not let the lack of the items stop you from being a part of this choir.

Please contact me at my telephone number if you are able to sing. My telephone number is 216 262-8559. You may leave a voice mail.

Thank you for your consideration of being a part of the music ministry this historic event.


Lawrence Paul Hill

Consecration Music

Consecration Music 2