Fr. Mark Scotton: A Letter from the Bishop

Over the last nine months, it has been Patty and my joy to visit all the major areas of our Diocese.  We have been privileged to celebrate the church anniversaries, baptisms, and confirmations.  We have seen many creative ministries of compassion and outreach.  God is at work in wonderful ways in the ADGL.
One of the burdens of my heart, however is the number of major urban areas in our Diocese where there are no ADGL congregations.  The good news is that God is beginning to answer that prayer.  I want to let you know of a new ministry and ask for your prayers and financial support.
The Venerable Mark Scotton has retired from his responsibilities as Archdeacon to begin an inner-city ministry in Cleveland, Ohio at the Church of the Transfigurations.  Transfiguration is an historically black congregation, strategically located, small in numbers, elderly, but great in faith.  They have purchased and paid-off their church building.  Transfiguration is one of only two small ADGL church in the entire city of Cleveland.
Their people asked Fr. Mark and I to meet with them to explore ways of reaching into the city of Cleveland with Christ’s good news.  During the meeting, Fr. Mark felt the Holy Spirit call him to lead the people of Transfiguration in this ministry.  Having lived and worked in this area of Cleveland for many years, Fr. Mark knows this area well.  He is uniquely qualified for this ministry.
In the short time since Fr. Mark has accepted this call significant things have happened.  Doors have opened. Important contact in the community have been made.  Fr. Sean Erwing a young church planter, and his family, and Deacon Beverly Scipio have joined Fr. Mark to form a team to reach their area of Cleveland.  God is at work!
How can we help this important work? Fr. Mark has stepped out in faith and will need to raise a significant portion of his salary.  I would like to ask you to join Patty and me in helping to support him so this significant work can proceed.  Joining together is can happen. I ask you to consider making a one-time donation or pledging to contribute monthly by clicking the button below.
May the Lord bless you as we work together to honor the Christ and extend his Kingdom.
The Rt. Rev. Ronald W. Jackson
P.S. We will have a special time to honor and thank Fr. Mark for the many contributions he has made as Archdeacon to our life together at the Diocesan Synod on April 26th-28th in Fort Wayne.